Sunday, October 14, 2007

Artistic Heart Prompt - Courage

Vale's Courage
Karen's Courage
Time for our first prompt at The Altered Heart! This week I chose the word courage. You can interpret the word any way you like and do a heart shaped piece or use a heart in your work.

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my blog. Post a link to your work in the comment section, so we can come check it out! Karen.

What a wonderful word to start off with, Karen! Thank you!
And I've now added my entry for this week, using the word 'courage', it's on the left. This was the very first thing that came to mind. I've used a Zetti stamp, Spider Writers and Color Mists to create this heart, along with a personal observation. Vale :)
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What is Heart?

I'm working on a page for a heart prompt I'm getting ready to post and thought some definitions of heart woud be helpful -- since this is the focus of the Altered Heart!

Hearts are the universal symbol for love, but they can hold a lot of other meanings. For me the heart is a symbol of spirit -- a symbol of the soul -- plus it's a really fun shape LOL

Heart [hahrt] –noun
1. Anatomy. a hollow, pumplike organ of blood circulation, composed mainly of rhythmically contractile smooth muscle, located in the chest between the lungs and slightly to the left and consisting of four chambers: a right atrium that receives blood returning from the body via the superior and inferior vena cavae, a right ventricle that pumps the blood through the pulmonary artery to the lungs for oxygenation, a left atrium that receives the oxygenated blood via the pulmonary veins and passes it through the mitral valve, and a left ventricle that pumps the oxygenated blood, via the aorta, throughout the body.
2. the center of the total personality, esp. with reference to intuition, feeling, or emotion: In your heart you know I'm an honest man.
3. the center of emotion, esp. as contrasted to the head as the center of the intellect: His head told him not to fall in love, but his heart had the final say.
4. capacity for sympathy; feeling; affection: His heart moved him to help the needy.
5. spirit, courage, or enthusiasm: His heart sank when he walked into the room and saw their gloomy faces.
6. the innermost or central part of anything: Notre Dame stands in the very heart of Paris.
7. the vital or essential part; core: the heart of the matter.
8. the breast or bosom: to clasp a person to one's heart.