Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yearning Heart

YearningHellllllllooooo ... is anyone out there? LOL I hate to see this neat blog go to waste ... and I recently started working on my heart journal again, so I thought I would post a prompt based on what I did. So if anyone is looking for a little inspiration ... the prompt is for the word Yearning.

This is the exterior view. if you want to see the imagery under the turning flap, please visit
my blog.

Please post a link in the comment section if you have any art for this prompt you'd like to share!


Linda East said...

Hi Karen...this is my 1st visit to this blog..I love what you are doing here...your journal pages are awesome...I am "Yearning" to see more...Thanks for your compliments on my "Copper Queen"..she was fun to make...a little change of pace once in a while is a good thing...
Linda (Okla)

Carolyn said...

Ohhhh I just found this blog, please don't stop posting : ( I love your prompts and such a fun idea : ))

Adrienne said...

Hi Karen,

I love this idea. Is it still up and running?

Coleen said...

Now that's a cool idea....a heart journal. I'll have to think on that one. That's all I need is an excuse to start a new journal and since I like hearts, birds and butterflies they could all go in there. Hmmmm!

Coleen in Ukraine