Sunday, February 1, 2009

Divine Heart

DivineNot sure if anyone is following anymore -- but I felt compelled to do a heart page yesterday and thought I would post a prompt: Divine. I'd love if someone did a project with the prompt and posted a link in the comment section :)


Anonymous said...

just found the site and like the idea of the prompts to make / help us create something. Have flagged it on my favourites so will come back and see if you post anymore.

titania said...

found your idea and creation beautifel, keep on blessings Titania

TonyaA said...

Love the colors. Lovely Work!

Gift registry said...

That’s very beautiful. I’ve notice you have not posted in months now. Such a pity, I’ve find lots of very interesting and beautiful inspiration here on your blog post.

Digital camcorders said...

Beautifully made, you are very crafty and creative. I love this piece. It’s truly inspirational.

Coleen said...

It's a beautiful piece and I like hearts (and birds) so I'm now following. Hope you'll follow back o my blog. That helps me keep track. Also pinned your blog to my Pinterest.
I'm on the AB group too.

Happy New Years,
Coleen in Ukraine